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Employment Based Green card forecast

Take charge of your life and career

Data-driven, algorithms based forecast. Build your own in seconds.

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The wait is frustrating

Years of uncertainty makes it difficult to decide whether to buy a home, change jobs, have kids, or travel.


Demand far exceeds supply

Over 1.5 million people are waiting while only 140K visas are issued every year. Each country receives max 7% visas.

Visa allocation is unpredictable

Visa allocation is unpredictable

Lack of visibility and information about data or approval odds leads to fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Missed opportunities

Opportunities can be missed

Fear, uncertainty, or doubt can hurt important life and career decisions.

WhereismyGC helps you take charge of life and career

Build your own forecast ♦ Find out best, worst, and realistic scenarios ♦ Stay updated on latest in immigration ♦ Establish clarity and reduce uncertainty

Establish clarity

Establish clarity

How many people are ahead of me.

Reduce uncertainty

Reduce uncertainty

A realistic timeline to GC in different categories.

Take charge

Take charge of your life

Should I be making big financial commitments?

Realize potential

Realize your potential

Should I switch jobs or change categories?

We are pioneers

We invented the whole idea of using data rather than gut feel to forecast Green Card approval. We established that country caps have created acute backlogs. Our sofisticated algorithms, data, years of experience, and a dynamic forecast model make us the best in this field.

We are pioneers


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Most Frequently Asked Questions

We use public data from DOS USCIS DOL and then use our proprietary methods to build a consistent clear view of demand as well as supply. Our model is always alive. It means with new credible and significant information we change our model.

We predict an average, best and worst case scenario. For an overwhelming majority of cases, the prediction falls within this - what we call as - cone of probability.

We update our forecast whenever we find new relevant information? It can be multiple times in a month or only once a quarter.

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