Brief Description

Respond to a USCIS Request for Evidence asking for new documents and/or answers to questions related to the case.


1. The lawyer representation is limited to response for RFE. Any additional work needs to be done by client as per the advice from lawyer.
2. Lawyer will provide templates for any documents requested by USCIS.
3. The Lawyer will also provide explanation about the case to USCIS.
4. Any following RFEs on the same matter will be covered as part of this service at no additional cost.

Forms Required

  • G-28 (Notice of Representation)

Key Documents

None Required


    • $900
      • Government Form Fees*

        • $0 :G-28 (Notice of Representation)

        * To be paid directly to USCIS or other government agencies by the client or sponsor. Could be slightly less or more depending on specifics of each case.

    How The Service Works