Brief Description

Lawyer Advises Whether New Job is AC21 Eligible & Notifies USCIS


1. The candidate is entirely responsible for any repercussions of job change.
2. The lawyer\\\'s recommendation on AC21 portability can be a clear yes/no or a probability 0-100%. 50% or more constitutes a yes. Less than 50% constitutes a no.
3. Any RFE specific to Job Change from USCIS is included in this service and is serviceable by the same lawyer at no additional cost.

Forms Required

  • G-28 (Notice of Representation)

Key Documents

None Required


    • $600
      • Government Form Fees*

        • $0 :G-28 (Notice of Representation)

        * To be paid directly to USCIS or other government agencies by the client or sponsor. Could be slightly less or more depending on specifics of each case.

    How The Service Works